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Advantages of High-Speed Carton Erector

Mar. 23, 2021

For maximum high speed and throughput, high-speed carton erectors are your best option. These machines can automate the entire box forming process, including folding and folding panels, and can handle a wide range of situations.

Our range of high-speed carton erector offers flexibility, speed and quality, with many integration and upgrade options. Take advantage of the possibilities we offer and imagine the ways in which speed can be increased and costs reduced with high-speed carton erector.

When it comes to reducing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency, you can't beat carton racks. Combined with a carton sealer, these machines allow you to form corrugated cartons quickly and consistently and seal them after packing. They are faster and more reliable than manual completion, making them ideal for operations where a large number of cartons need to be installed at once.

The High-speed Carton erector GPK-40H50 is a patented product independently researched and developed by the Gurki. The horizontal unpacking speed reaches 50 boxes/min, which is 50% lower than the other horizontal unpacking machine of the same level and economical, economical and practically.

High-Speed Carton Erector

Advantages of high-speed carton erector

1.The high-speed carton erector GPK-40H50 is suitable for unpacking and sealing the bottom of various sizes of cartons. If you need to change the specifications (size) of the carton, you can adjust it manually, and the operation is simple and convenient.

2.Automatic unpacking, automatic folding of the lower cover, automatic sealing of the bottom of the carton, the machine is controlled by PLC+ human-machine interface, easy to operate, simple maintenance, stable performance.

3.Folding the bottom does not stop, complete the folding bottom and sealing the bottom in the conveying; complete the whole process of suction box, forming, folding bottom and back sealing in 3 seconds; high speed, stable, convenient and economical.

4.Use this high-speed carton erector instead of labor, which can reduce at least 2-3 packers and save 5-10% of consumables.

5.The high-speed carton erector can increase the efficiency by 30%, greatly save costs and improve efficiency.

 Auto Box Taping Machine

Using carton erector with carton sealers

Carton sealers ensure safe loads by firmly sealing boxes. This packaging equipment is available as semi-automatic or fully automatic box sealers (very similar to our carton racks) and can add a little automation or even a lot!

The size of auto box taping machine can be adjusted manually according to the box's size which is easy and convenient to replace labours, increasing work efficiency up to 30% and saving 5%-10% consumables. This machine is an ideal option for light high boxes, it can save costs and increase producing efficiency. It can be widely used in food, medicine, toys, tobacco, daily chemicals, electronic tobaccos and other domestic industries.

Ask one of our packaging machinery specialists for a quote to see the advantages of carton erector in your packaging operation. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and help you tailor the right solution for your line.

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