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What Is Shrink Wrap Made of?

Mar. 10, 2021

Shrink Wrap

What is shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrap, which can also be shrink wrap or shrink film, is a material made of polymeric plastic film. When heat is applied, the heat is applied tightly over all objects covered. Heat can be applied using a hand-held heat gun (electric or gas) or the product and film can be passed through a heat tunnel on a conveyor belt.

Why use shrink wrap?

Shrink wrapping wraps items and gives them a professional, neat appearance. It also provides a durable barrier to dust, dirt and water and adds a tamper-resistant seal on some products.

How is shrink wrapping done?

Shrink wrapping is done in three distinct steps.

Wrapping the product in shrink wrap.

Sealing the shrink wrap.

Exposing the film to heat to shrink and "laminate" the product.

For lower volumes, a single arm "bar" sealer and shrink gun can be used to produce the same result, but at a slower rate. The quality of both systems is the same.

What type of film is used?

Folded shrink film is the most commonly used. When basically manufacturing shrink wrap, it is stretched like a rubber band and when heat is applied, the film returns to its original size. The term "centrefold" refers to the fact that the film is folded in half when it is manufactured so that there are two sheets with folded edges along the back of the roll. This type of film is available worldwide and most shrink machines use this type of film.

Sindaron Packing solutions for heat shrink packaging

Sindaron Packing has selected 3 packaging machines among the leading products for heat shrink packaging

Automatic High Speed Edge Sealing Shrinker

The automatic stretch wrap machine is used for automatic online high-speed shrink packaging of products. It uses optoelectronics to automatically detect products. The packaging capacity is 85 bags/min, which is suitable for packaging various types of products of different sizes and shapes. The machine uses a touch screen to control the machine, and the adjustment is also convenient and simple. At the same time, it can store a variety of product packaging data, which can be directly transferred from the system during use. It is convenient and quick, and greatly shortens the time required for replacing the packaged product.

Automatic High Speed Edge Sealing Shrinker

Automatic 2 in 1 Sealing & Shrink Wrapping Machine for Fruit Food Shampoo Packaging

Customizable, strong suitability with tunnel L1500mm, side sealing, infinity length, cylinder control, firmly sealed. High temperature resistance and stickiness proof. 

Hi-speed hot air circulating shrink tunnel adopts roller type conveyor, the rollers are covered by silicone gel pipe they roll automatically, and also the conveyor can use Teflon mesh belt or S.S. mesh belt instead of rollers. When shrink PE film, need not the rollers roll, easy to convert it by the handle at the end of the tunnel.

The temperature inside the tunnel is even, suitable for shrink PE.PVO.POF films;

The inner container forms hot air circulation inside tunnel, the volume of hot air can be controlled by the air doors according to the packing requirements for different products.

Automatic 2 in 1 Sealing & Shrink Wrapping Machine for Fruit Food Shampoo Packaging

Fully Automatic side seal cut shrink packaging machine

The automatic shrink packing machine is a medium speed automatic sealing and cutting heat shrink wrapping machine. It is designed on the basis of the fully automatic high speed side sealer according to the different needs of the domestic market and customers. It uses photoelectricity to automatically detect the product and realise automatic unattended packaging with high efficiency, suitable for various sizes and shapes of various packaging types.

Fully Automatic side seal cut shrink packaging machine

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