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Why Does Shrink Wrapping Machine Have the Problem of Heat Sealing Leakage?

Feb. 23, 2021

Packaging machine has a vertical and horizontal, vertical and continuous (also known as roller type) and intermittent (also known as haphazard), into bags with three side seal, four side seal, back seal, and a multi-line out of the packaging equipment. A wide variety of packaging equipment, the differences between the equipment is also very large. In the actual use of composite film rolls, will encounter a variety of problems, shrink packaging machine supplier will analyze the causes of heat sealing leak sealing problems.

Heat Seal Leakage Problem

Leaky seal is due to the existence of certain factors, so that the part that should be combined by heating and melting, not sealed. There are several reasons for the leakage of seal as follows.

① Insufficient heat sealing temperature. The same packaging material in different heat sealing parts require different heat sealing temperature, different packaging speed requires different heat sealing temperature, different packaging environment temperature requirements of the heat sealing temperature is also different. Packaging equipment vertical seal and horizontal seal require different heat sealing temperature, the same piece of heat sealing die, the temperature of different parts may also be different, these are the issues that must be considered in packaging. For heat sealing equipment, there is also a problem of temperature control accuracy.


 At present, the temperature control accuracy of domestic packaging equipment is poor, generally there is a deviation of: 10~C, that is, if we control the temperature of 140%, in fact, the temperature in the packaging process is between 130-150~C. Many companies use random sampling from the finished products to check the air tightness, which is actually not a good method. The most reliable method is to take samples at the lowest temperature point within the temperature variation range, and the samples should be taken continuously so that they are sufficient to cover all parts of the mold longitudinally and horizontally.


② The sealing part is contaminated. In the filling process of the package, the sealing position of the packaging material is often contaminated by the packaging, pollution is generally divided into liquid pollution and dust pollution. To solve the problem of contamination of the sealing part can be solved by improving the packaging equipment, the use of anti-pollution, anti-static heat sealing materials and other methods.

③ Equipment and operation problems. Such as heat sealing mold clips with foreign objects, heat sealing pressure is not enough, heat sealing mold is not parallel, etc.

④ Problems of packaging materials. Such as corona over surface, too much heat sealing layer slip agent and cause bad heat sealing, etc.

Automatic L-type Sealing and Shrinking Packaging Machine

The automatic sealing and shrinking packaging machine is a fully automatic unmanned L-type sealing and cutting machine. It is widely used in batch production of packaging. It has high working efficiency, automatic film feeding and punching, automatic film sealing and cutting. We only need to manually adjust the film guide system and manually adjust the feeding platform. It suitable for different widths and heights of products.



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